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8 Remote administration

There is currently no special client for the admin user. Use telnet. (Do not attempt to use a normal client).

The user admin is special and is used to remote administration. You can add this user by running

dwunmakeauth admin
The normal commands7, with the exception of CONNECT and DISCONNECT, can be used and additionally the admin has the following special commands:

shutdown server.
restart server. Any changes in the rcfile and authfile will be read in.
show list of clients.
show list of locked accounts.
show connection state.
force a redial (like SIGUSR211).
show length of time since dwun has been in the #Connected state.
The next commands should be given a single argument of either a pid (as returned by LIST) or username (e.g. KILL 50210 or KILL %tim). Only one argument of either a pid or a username is allowed per line.

There are three meta-users available; %all, %con, %unknown.

%all controls all users. If you ``LOCK %all'' users will receive an error message when they try to authenticate.

%unknown is for unauthenticated users. If you ``LOCK %unknown'', anyone who tries to connect to the server will receive an error message. ''KILL %unknown'' is used to kill all users who have not yet authenticated.

%con controls CONNECTed users. ``LOCK %con'' can be used to stop new users from CONNECTing, while ``KILL %con'' will kill all the users who are currently CONNECTed.

kill client (with user will kill all connections belonging to that user). No matter what, we won't kill ourselves.
disable account.
enable account.
LOCK and then KILL. (Will kill all connections belonging to the user whether or not a pid or username was specified).
Be careful when locking %unknown or %all that you keep the admin user authenticated so you can UNLOCK it later. If you accidently lock the admin out, you will have to manually edit /etc/dwunauth to continue, changing the '!' to a ':' for the specified user account.

Note that where possible, when one of these commands is specified with a pid as an argument, the LIST at the last time you saw it will be used. This is so if you lock a pid, the account will be locked even if that person has since left.

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