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Dwun currently has clients for Win32, *nix (gtk+ and console), Java and BeOS (console). Many people use other operating systems and I'd like native dwun clients for them as well.

Guidelines for client behaviour.

Please consider licensing the client under a free software license, such as the one I use or the GNU GPL, BSD or Artistic licenses. See the list of OSI certified licenses.

Version 0.1 of asdial, an almost completed AfterStep/Window maker dwun client applet is available for someone that knows a little bit of X programming to finish. It relies on the console "dial" client.


The server is written in C for *nix operating systems.

Read the TODO. (Note that I don't upload updated copies as often as I should).

Send unified diff's (diff -u) to me or to the mailing list.


To build a deb, I use dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot -us -uc from within the untarred source directory.

To build a binary RPM run rpm -tb PROGRAM-VERSION.tar.gz.

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